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Would you like to homebrew a FREE QSL card that you personalize with your own special touches? For those new to the world of QSL cards you may ask “What do I put into the card.

The basics are simple. You will need your call be it Hamsphere or ham. Your call should stand out on the card. You will put at least your first name (last is a friendly touch) You will need your return address. Then there is the QSO confirmation section. Callsign worked, date, time (UTC) ,frequency , RST report, and comments section. Now you can add your CQ Zone and ITU Zone and any other information you would like the world to know about you.

The card should be standard 5.5 inches (13.97 cm) in length and 3.5 inches (8.89cm) in height.

You will need a digital photo software program of some type. Don’t have one? I use Paint.Net. It is easy to use and scales canvas and images quickly. Oh yea, it’s also

FREE! Download it here


. From

In Paint.NET, from Toolbar, select “Image”, click on canvas, and reset canvas size to 5.5X 3.5 (13.97 cm X 8.89 cm).

Select “Layers” from Toolbar, click on “Import from file”. Open the image you want to use. If image fails to auto size to canvas, select “Image” from toolbar and click on resize. Set size to size you want. If background, set to above canvas size.

To add text and other trimmings, select ”Tools” on toolbar and pick your tool needed. To build QSO information box, I find the Rounded Rectangle tool quick and easy. To add / change color, from Toolbar, select “Window” and click “Colors”.

Save as a jpeg and there you go. If you use eQSL upload and that’s it. If you e-mail or “Snail Mail”(postal) you can open your saved card in Paint.NET and use Text tool to fill out QSO Information.

Lastly, there is a downside. If you make cards for others as I do for my XYL Sandy 2HS417,you will try to out do each card you make over and over. Hi…Hi…So far,Sandy's card out does mine.


Check out eQSL for your QSL service. Post your QSL on service o send  and receive QSL cards via internet.

Have fun and let the artist out!!